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January 21, 2022

Google Workspace – Giving You The Space You Need!

Need An Online Workspace? Look No Further Than The Number 1 Google Itself

Google workspace (formerly G Suite) is one of the most widely-used online productivity suites in the world. It is an ideal resource for small-to-medium businesses where their employees and freelancers can easily share files and collaborate. It was renamed Google Workspace as of October 2020 when additional features were added such as chat and video conferencing (in light of the growing popularity of working from home due to the pandemic). 

The workspace is essentially a subscription-based upgrade from all of the free Google apps that are available to anyone with a Google account, and it is by far the best cloud-based office available. I know from experience that there is huge value in having all of your office productivity tools in one place. With Google Workspace, switching between documents, email, calendars, and chat is a seamless experience. This saves an incredible amount of time and effort.

Most business owners are rapidly becoming reliant on this cutting-edge all-in-one package. It empowers client communication, staff collaboration, and the ability to work from anywhere, at any time. Firstly, you can access documents from any web browser. Secondly, you are able to work alongside anyone in real-time (with whoever you have granted access to). Thirdly, but certainly not finally, you get a thorough record of all revisions so that you are able to retrieve or restore anything that you’d like.

Furthermore, Google Workspace’s products are simple and intuitive to use. For this reason, anyone can get to grips with it and it can enhance productivity tenfold. It is a great way to keep on top of not only your employees, but any freelancers too.

Office Productivity with Google Workspace

A Forbes study discovered that the majority of employees lose a significant amount of time by spending it on tasks that are integral to their role but don’t strengthen the company’s competitive edge. This tells us that companies everywhere need more control and more features. Enter Google Workspace.

Google pioneered the notion of working out of the cloud (and ultimately forced competitors such as Microsoft to do the same). Still, Microsoft lacks the innovative edge that seems so natural to Google! Google has slowly been adding more and more cloud-powered tools to its suite. Consequently, Google Workspace today incorporates communication tools (Gmail, hangouts, calendar), collaborative tools (Docs, sheets, forms, slides, and sites) as well as Google drive for storage. You can see how it compares with the online storage with Dropbox here.

Personally, I think what makes Google Workspace so effective for small businesses is how the different features integrate and work together. For example, with your email, video chat, and calendar all connected, you can very easily schedule meetings, sync calendars, present via video, and much more.

It is arguably one of the most underrated office suites out there today. It also can only continue to improve as Google continues to dominate the web. Google Workspace has an ever-expanding amount of integrations. This includes CRMs, accounting and finance, web development, and so on. This means that Google Workspace slots into existing processes seamlessly.

Data Monitoring & Protection

Another reason to use Google workspace is that when it comes to security, it protects your data in the safest possible way. It continuously passes audits and is compliant with all of the top security standards in the industry. Google has a vast network of data centres, built with custom-designed servers and a unique operating system for security and performance. Because Google controls and monitors its entire hardware stack, threats can be addressed and blocked quickly. Google workspace also offers full data encryption, both in transit and at rest. It also has the ability to detect threats intuitively.

In terms of protecting user data, Google has a stellar track record. Google takes malware threats very seriously and uses a variety of strategies to prevent, detect, and expel malicious malware. Google’s malware strategy is centered around infection prevention by using both automatic and manual scanners. This immediately scours the Google search index to identify websites that may be malware or phishing traps.

For this reason, you can use Google workspace to accomplish all of your goals, whilst at the same time, protecting critical data. It’s a no brainer to me.

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