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January 21, 2022

Small Business Guide – Helping Guide Your Way Through

Small Business Owner? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Navigate The Ins And Outs Of Gov.Uk

Gov.uk is the official UK Government’s website and I am sure you are already familiar with it. It covers everything from the environment to childcare to business. Consequently, if you are a small business owner it is an incredibly useful resource. Particularly if you don’t have financial experts at your disposal. That said, with such a wealth of information on there, it isn’t always the easiest to navigate to find the specifics of what you are looking for. So I thought it would be handy to break down in a blog post what I use it for, and how it may help you too.

Let’s face it- Gov.uk isn’t known for its captivating writing. Nevertheless, much of the information here is practical and ‘heard it straight from the horse’s mouth’ stuff. It has the official word on taxes, payroll, pensions, and everything in between. It also has the latest information in regards to supporting small businesses throughout the pandemic. You can also use the guidelines on the site to check that all of your processes are compliant and in line with government regulations.

Handy Pages for The Small Business Owner to Visit

  • Business : Everything you need to know from setting up a business, corporation tax, loan applications for a small business and financial support for buisnesses during the pandemic.
  • Employing people: Perhaps you’re a one man band, but if you do hire people or are thinking about it in the future then this is the page to check out. It is so important to understand the protocol of hiring people, firing people, statutory leave and time off as well as Payroll and Health and safety at work. Of course, you can eshew these altogether by opting to hire a freelancer with People Per Hour or Fiverr.
  • HMRC: This will be where you can find any support related to all things tax related. Register with HMRC on gov.uk and you can deal with business tax accounts, self assessment, corporation tax, PAYE for employess, and VAT all in one place. There are even videos to help you get into good record-keeping hygiene from the get-go, so its easier for you at the end of each fiscal year. This includes HMRC’s expectations, as well as how you can get into good habits from the beginning. Of course, when your business uses something like Stripe for payments, it makes your job at the end of each year easier! This is because you can easily look back at all of the data to complete your critical accounting and reconciliation workflows.
  • UK data protection laws. It is important to make sure that your small business is compliant with its use of data for marketing and advertising purposes. You must make sure that all of the information is kept secure, accurate and up to date!

Why You Should Utilise Gov.uk As A Small Business

It is very easy to get lost in a sea of information out there and this is where Gov.uk comes in. Unlike the jumble of previous government websites, it’s well organised and easy to find the information required. Simply select the option most appropriate to your question, or use the conveniently located search bar. 

Whilst the above examples are the more obvious ones you may search for, it has a whole wealth of other information too. For example, it has information about premises for businesses as well as licensing and license applications for events. Furthermore, chancellor Rishi Sunak has introduced additions such as the “Help to Grow Campaign” which can help a small business reach its potential.

This scheme helps SME’S to innovate, grow and help drive the economy’s recovery from coronavirus. Vouchers are available for up to 50% off productivity-enhancing software which can help increase sales and drive revenue. So Gov.uk is about so much more than just tax!

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