Don't Just Take MY Word For It

Over the years I've worked with 100's of different clients from a wide variety of sectors, below you'll see some of the more recent ones. They include total newbies, professional freelancers, dynamic start-ups and well established business owners.

"Neil is a highly capable and ideas lead individual. With a steely determination to succeed, he's a joy to work and explore ideas with"

Benjamin Dell, SaaS Entrepreneur

"Since I started working with Ben he's founded multiple businesses, raised £1m on one of them (during lockdown) and has since excited it for £6m"

"Neil and his team are amazing, insightful and the difference that makes success.
Our incredible achievements are thanks to him. Neil runs an amazing, bright and brilliant team that can create an extremely bright future for anyone! 
I highly recommend Neil and all that he does"

Munib Rahman, Mindfulness Geru

"Munib is on a mission to wake up the world and make a real difference. I thrilled to call him a client"

"I’ve worked with Neil on a new business initiative – his advice and knowledge was incredibly useful in helping us frame our growth plans. I would recommend Neil if you are looking to transform your new business idea into a commercial reality"

Aswhin Has Since Been Awarded a number of significant new client wins

Ashwin Saddul, Founder & Director

"Ashwins business has gone from strength to strength, winning multiple high value clients over the past 18 months"

"We're only 2 sessions into working with Neil, however really impressed with what he's delivered so far. We're focusing on developing sales funnels for our business and can already see they will have a huge impact once implemented. Great guy to work with"

Aswhin Has Since Been Awarded a number of significant new client wins

Mike Havard, Co-Founder & Director

"Mike's business has such huge potential, it simply lacked a clearly defined content strategy and a scalable onboarding process. I'm really excited to see this business take off!"

"Neil impressed me with his flair for marketing and sales in the high tech field of digital communications. He is a strategic thinker and works extremely hard to implement agreed objectives"

John Benfold, Chartered Accountant

"Amongst Johns many projects was a €30 million (PPP) retail, leisure and cultural centre in Budapest"

"Neil's support and detailed knowledge provides me with clarity to think and act positively, I'm always proud to connect new people in my network with Neil and grateful for everything he has done to help me"

Alex Pond, Founder & Director

"I've worked with Alex for a number of years now, he's a passionate entrepreneur who really cares about long term sustainability, I'm delighted to call him a client"

"Neil adeptly managed a group of diverse business requirements and levels of experience to deliver a truly understandable and practical session, leaving us all on the same page and in no doubt of our next steps. Neil delivered exceptional value and we heartily recommend him for his knowledge, skills and delivery capability"

Chris MacNeil, Managing Partner

"Chris is global visionary, with experience across 3 continents so I was thrilled when we approached me to help him grow his business"

Aaron Bowell

"I know I can count on Neil to get the job done right, every time. He's never once let me down and he always over delivers. I've learnt so many ways to improve my business it just keeps getting better and better. If you're looking for a digital business expert to take your business to the next level, talk to Neil"

Aaron Bowell, Founder & Director

"I've enjoyed a long a mutually beneficial business relationship with Aaron, and I'm so happy to now see his businesses absolutely thriving"

Bart Struijk

"Neil is a very result oriented professional for all kinds of lead generation.Besides that, he’s a great guy"

Bart Struijk, Mindset Coach

"I first met Bart at a Bob Proctor Matrixx event in Canada. Since then he's coached me, I've coached him and over the years we've become close friends ad well as trusted business associates. He's truly an excellent lifestyle coach"

"I first discovered Neil about 4 years ago when I read his book. At the time I was a personal trainer but I knew I wanted to be more so I started deploying his strategies. Since then I've become a successful trader and now teach others how to create freedom through my own online course" 

James Eaton, FX Trader & Coach

"After working with me for just 12 months James managed to hit the £10k month mark, solely from a new course that he built from scratch"

"With 1,000's of clients finding the right company to rebrand, manage our website and set up our marketing campaigns was not an easy task, we found Neil in 2018 and it was a great match"

Steve Schlake, President & CEO

"Steves' business went from c$3m in 2018 to $6m through M&A in 2019, which then led to a $9m exit in 2021"

"Neil has a breadth of knowledge when it comes to lead generation and Small Business growth. It's been great to work with him over the last 8 months. Long may it continue!"

James Potton, Founder & Director

"James has scaled over five businesses, the largest of which was a consultancy that started as three people and grew to 50 employees with a £12m turnover. 

"I've been working with Neil for over six years to create and deliver effective digital campaigns. Neil is an outstanding expert who has a unique ability to get to the heart of the campaign outcome. He is a brilliant digital expert, a safe pair of hands for any brand and an absolute pleasure to work with."

James Matthewson, Serial Entrepreneur

"James was once described as 'one of the UK's true Internet pioneers, having been in digital since 1999 and over the past 20+ years has worked with some of the world's biggest luxury brands.

Office Space To Rent

"Neil had tons of patience and expertly advised me how to create and build a digital strategy. It was a really worthwhile experience and enjoyable process to work together. Highly recommended"

Jonathan Cohen, Founder & Director

"Jonny's business took a nasty hit through this COVID pandemic but he used the time wisely to rebuild and reposition his online business so he could come back bigger and better than ever" 

"Neil got me started online after I came out of the fire service due to medical reasons. I now not only run my own Tequila brands but I do all the marketing myself. Neil is a rockstar when it comes to building a business online"

Jonathan Pugh, Co-Founder & Director

"Jonny has worked so hard over the years, he deserves all the success he now enjoys and having recently raised £500,000 he now has not one, but two unique tequila brands under his belt!

"Neil and his team have done a great job on helping me set up my business, raise capital and launch my website, I'm so happy with the outcome, albeit as his wife I'd expect the VIP treatment! Great communication throughout, thanks guys, I don't know how I could have done this without you"

Melody Stevens, Founder & Director

"What can I say, I always wanted to work with Mel but until now she never wanted to work with me! I can't wait to see this business flourish"

Anna Scanlan

"Neil's solutions, knowledge and understanding inspires confidence in knowing that my business with grow online brilliantly. It has been a revelation to master setting up my website, the plug ins. I feel more in control and Neil is supporting me amazingly in my journey of growing my online business.

Anna Scanlan, Holistic Personal Trainer

"Anna's such a kind hearted person, I wish her all the very best with her new business venture"

"Awaiting your review...

Your Name, Your Business

"I love working with new clients, especially those who are really passionate about what they do. I like nothing more than to see my clients thrive online. Could you be my next success story?"

Oh, and the list goes on and on so you're welcome to speak with any of our past or present members if you're in any doubt about our ability to dramatically improve your business!