Social Media Automation

If you are not utilising your social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy, then you are missing a trick. That said, creating and scheduling engaging posts that connect with your audience can be incredibly time-consuming. is an automated social scheduling solution that is the answer you are looking for. It is designed to create strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic to your site for an entire year.

Missinglettr doesn’t just create individual posts, they create social campaigns that feature branded content, for a professional, slick finish to your Tweets and updates. It has an in-built intelligence system to gather information from the content and format it into bitesize social shareable snippets. There are several things that I love about this social scheduling software, so it’s challenging to know where to begin. If I were to sum it up in one sentence, I would say: It is intuitive and easy to use, does exactly what it says on the tin, and gets traffic from your articles to your website.

Think about it. You run a blog or own a website. You need traffic. The bread and butter of which comes from social media. However, as I’ve already mentioned, the trouble with social media is the time that it takes. Your valuable time could be better spent on creating content or working on other parts of your business. This is where comes in and makes social scheduling super easy to do.

The other great thing about this clever piece of software is that it will keep your social media profiles active at any time. So even if you jet off on a holiday, you can relax knowing that your social scheduling has been taken care of and automated for your audience.

Social Scheduling Made Easy

Personally, I haven’t found another platform that has the same capability that Missing Lettr has. The great thing about it is that it takes away the need for me to have to figure out what to use to promote my work. It does this by providing quick, useful suggestions of social media posts (with captions and images to go along with them).

Here is a quick breakdown of the steps into how it works:

  • Takes my articles, and chooses the best quotes that I can use for effective content pieces. (You can check out all of the articles on my knowledge base by clicking here).
  • Creates 9-12 different social media posts from each and every article.
  • Allows me to spread the social media content over a time period of my choice.
  • Automates my work, and helps build traffic to my site by getting clicks.

All you need to do on Missinglettr is enter your content’s URL (or connect Missinglettr to your website so this is done automatically upon publishing your work). A year-long social scheduling campaign is then created for you to tweak, approve, and then sit back and put your feet up. (Or write more blogs- whichever you’d prefer!)

So that’s 12 entire months of social updates pre-filled with quotes, images, and hashtags. Done and dusted. Of course, whilst MissingLettr takes care of just about everything, you are still completely in charge. It’s really intuitive to use the platform to swap out quotes, hashtags, or images whenever needed. Moreover, by drip-feeding the content throughout the year, you avoid that dip in traffic that you often see after only sharing a blog post once. 

However, the main takeaway from this social scheduling platform is that it takes away the time-consuming element of social media so that you can work smarter, not harder.

And that is a big plus for me. And for you too.

Social Media Accounts

Missing Lettr can connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, so you are reaching people across all of your different platforms. Furthermore, it also includes reporting and analytics features. This is super helpful as you can see how your social campaigns are performing, and how many clicks each post received. This can help you decide what package to go for that will benefit your business the most.

The packages start at $0. This is for 1 site, 2 campaigns a month, and 1 social profile! The free offering is a great way to test it out to see how Missinglettr will work for you. You can also get a personal account for $15 a month, or a business account for $40 a month.

In summary, Missinglettr is an innovative social scheduling tool that leads to increased engagement, more traffic, and ultimately, more time.