Business Planning

Strategyzer was founded by Alexander Osterwalder, the inventor of the original business model canvas. Millions of people have already read his books Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design to help build their business models. However, Strategyzer helps take the information found in those books to a new, interactive and accessible level. To date, the company has helped over 5 million companies to grow and innovate its services.

Whilst, Strategyzer isn’t cheap, it’s worth it. Companies such as GE, P&G, andNestlé have used the Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder to help to develop their brand. The reason that I thoroughly recommend using a business modelling service like Strategyzer is that it allows for better brainstorming and communication between both business partners and team members. It also differs quite significantly from a more traditional business planning service. Most traditional approaches use product-centric thinking which is solely focused on what they are selling. The canvas, however, helps us to move away from this limited mindset to create a more sustainable brand that is focused on the entirety of the business.

Users put Canvas to work in different ways within their companies. The majority of users use the Business Model Canvas to develop new businesses from scratch. That said, even if your company is established, there is nothing to stop you from using it to launch new products and services. Or perhaps you may even want to give your existing business strategy an entire makeover.

Moreover, as a small business owner, you’re unlikely to have your own customer experience department. Or a product development team or market research specialist. However, knowing the customer’s experience is imperative in order to be able to deliver on expectations. This is where Strategyzer comes in to support developing your business model. Simply put, Strategyzer is a technology service that helps international companies build new growth engines, expand existing business lines, de-risk innovation ideas, and up-skill teams.

Using The Business Model Canvas

Strategizer’s canvases visualise complex business issues collaboratively. The business model canvas and value proposition canvas’ are useful resources for any size business. You can continuously reassess the goals and core challenges of your company with these downloadable resources. In addition, they are very easy to fill in. And if you do have difficulty, support is also backed up in the form of numerous best-selling books and real-life in-house workshops on the site.

Here is a quick overview of each section on the canvas for you to consider:

  • Key partners – individuals or anyone outside the company who will contribute to the business. This includes but isn’t limited to suppliers, affiliates, guest writers and more. What does each key partner bring to the table?
  • Key activities – the activities that are significant in delivering on the value proposition! Take special care to think about how these activities will help build different business aspects. e.g. Customer relationships, and revenue streams.
  • Key resources – the resources would include both tangible things such as the physical equipment you need as well as intangible such as your branding.
  • Customer relationships – in this section the focus is on the type of relationship you want to build with your customer, and how you would go about it too.
  • Channels – Explore the different ways you would reach your customer- think about every possible way you would do this. Do you have affiliates? How do you utilise your social presence?
  • Customer segments – Look at different sections of customers that you may have. Sometimes, it helps to think of them in terms of avatars.
  • Cost – a breakdown of any of the costs that are likely related to your resources and activities.  
  • Revenues – Let’s face it, a business isn’t a business unless you’re making money. How do you intend to make yours? What different revenue streams do you have?
  • The value proposition – this is central to the business model canvas and is where you use the above information you’ve culminated to define what you deliver for your prospective customers. What problem are you solving? What needs are you meeting?

Get Started With Stategyzer Today

Strategyzer is very user-Friendly. The intuitive organisation of their website makes it easy to navigate your way through. Another feature of this platform includes online training for staff (to work together with Strategyzer in the most effective way possible). There are also tools and downloads for testing, designing, and assessing your business idea.

One of its primary focuses is on education, which is apparent through its many offerings. For example, they offer a selection of free, instructional videos on Vimeo. These are great for building knowledge of their business model canvas approach and figuring out how it’ll benefit your company.

Despite its use for SMEs, Strategyzer users also include Fujitsu, MasterCard, and 3M. It is relatively unique in the market and firmly owns a niche with no close competitor. In conclusion, it is the number one consultancy company to deliver results for your business.