KPI Dashboards

Klipfolio is a cloud app for creating data dashboards, reports, and performing visual analysis. Simply put, it is an information-based tool to help you and your business track, understand and visualise KPIs, metrics, and other necessary information. Consequently, it is a resource that saves you tons of time and informs better decision making.

It is the market leader to help SME’s succeed with data, and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, you can connect paid ads, social media tools, and SEO to build industry benchmarked metrics on a data dashboard within minutes. Secondly, you can be in the know on the go as Kilpfolio has both mobile and TV reports available.

It is a super-fast way to uncover valuable, actionable insights for your business. Furthermore, it brings all your data together in one place so you only need to visit one data dashboard to get all of the business answers you need. Klipfolio includes a 14-day free trial, and then there are several package options depending on the size of your business. 


A data dashboard tool is an incredibly effective way to track multiple sources of data. It provides a central location for businesses to analyse and monitor performance. In addition, having real-time monitoring of data saves so much time. You can keep on top of things as you go, rather than having to “fix” things in hindsight.

Moreover, dashboard tools allow even those that are not fluent in technology to participate and understand data and trends. They display the information in a way that is easy to comprehend. Under the surface, a dashboard connects to attachments, files, services, and APIs, but on the surface displays this in the form of bar charts, tables, and gauges.

In conclusion, Klipfolio is a valuable resource for both marketing specialists and directors alike. It allows them to drive behaviours based on the data, and better strategise their approach going forward.