24×7 Call Answering

Moneypenny is the world’s leading outsourced answering service for companies. With this service, you are allocated a UK-based trained PA who is on hand to take calls and send calls & messages back to you and your team. However, Moneypenny is also so much more than just phone calls. Beyond the outsourced answering service, other offers include:

  • Live chat service for chats managed on your behalf.
  • Outsourced phone switchboard with receptionists available 24/7.
  • A pocket phone system to transform your mobile into a business phone system, allowing you to work wherever.
  • Business telephone numbers.
  • And most recently an online Covid symptom checker customised to your branding.

Most people have spoken to Moneypenny. And very few realise it. They are the fastest (and largest!) growing company of this type and handle upward of 15 million calls and chats annually for clients. Furthermore, the staff all have extensive training, which is probably why many leading brands use Moneypenny to outsource their switchboard.


There are many benefits to an outsourced answering service. By outsourcing your telephone answering needs, you increase your chances of meeting sales targets. Phone calls from prospects and existing customers will no longer filter through to a tedious voicemail. By speaking to a real person, the client or potential customer will feel reassured. Furthermore, an appropriate follow-up appointment can be made, so you know you will have another exposure to them. It is always important to consider when trying to make sales how you can cement a relationship with the prospective client

As well as that, with an outsourced answering service, you also get access to trained, professional individuals. That you haven’t had to train. Moreover, you don’t have to pay them salaries and can use them only when needed!

In addition, Moneypenny gives you access to expensive tech systems that you may not otherwise have. No other provider has the software, experience, or caliber of people to match the level of sophistication and savings they can bring to your outsourced answering service.