Secure Website Hosting

You could say that WP Engine is a WordPress website hosting platform. You could, but then that’s not even half the story. Don’t get me wrong- it’s true to say that for those looking for a service for their self-hosted WordPress site, WP Engine is the way to go. They certainly deliver on their promise of “stunning speed, powerful security, and best-in-class customer service”.

But it is also so much more than just website hosting. The other half of the story is that WP Engine is all about the digital experience of WordPress. Providing agility, performance, intelligence, and integrated solutions, so you can build and deploy powerful online experiences. It is perfect for everything from content hubs to e-commerce extensions. As a result, this is a non-negotiable platform for the more sophisticated of WordPress sites.

Furthermore, their customers seem to clearly agree! Notable users include Jobvite, AMD, Click Here Labs, and the Country Music Association, to name a few.

Easy-to-Use Website Hosting

With packages starting from $35 a month, rising to $290 a month, there are many options. Packages are built to impress owners of both small to massive websites. Digging a little deeper, and considering the tools and focus of the site, it’s fair to say that WP Engine market to three core customers:

  • Developers and designers.
  • Growing businesses held back by scaling issues.
  • Start-up website owners who want to forge a strong relationship with a reputable, reliable, relatable team of hosting pros.

Enhanced Services By WP Engine

Worried about the constant threat from hackers and WordPress sites? Well, there’s no need to be worried with WP Engine’s automated detection and blocking. There is also an integrated two-factor authentication just to add an extra layer of security. As a result, plugins for security won’t be necessary as WP Engine has it all covered within the website hosting package. The Uptime protection is included as standard and includes clustered configuration in secure dedicated hosting environments. Simply put, your website is fully managed with multi-layer security for your peace of mind and protection.

Furthermore, site speed and load time are now important factors in today’s SEO battle. The quicker the site loads, the more SEO credit it will have with Google, who will identify it as a site for a positive user experience. Fundamentally, Google is all about giving a better user experience to its user. With WP Engine you will enjoy on average a 27% faster load time when compared with standard website hosting.